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Understanding Your Pension Liability as a Union Contractor


Corp. G.C. - Comp, Associate - Comp, CBA’s - Comp, Non-Affiliated IAP - $25
Mike Gantert, Executive Director - Building Trades United Pension Trust Fund (BTUPTF)

As a Union General Contractor or Subcontractor, you contribute pension benefits into the BTUPTF on behalf of all those field personnel whom you employ. While your contributions serve to provide a pension, there are other vital considerations that you should understand as an informed contractor. Mike Gantert has served as the Executive Director of the BTUPTF for over two decades. He will bring valuable insight concerning various laws that come into play that dictate certain aspects of this pension plan. Additionally, he will discuss the current pension plan status and what factors lay ahead that will have an important impact on the plan’s statue. This program is a “can’t miss” for those educated contractors who want to clearly understand the various liability aspects of your participation as a contributor to this plan.


Event Details

Event date 09-29-2015 8:00 am
Event End Date 09-29-2015 9:30 am
Location AGC Milwaukee
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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